Gilgooma Goods

As a quintessential Australian farm, Gilgooma produces lamb, wool, beef, wheat, barley, chickpeas and lupins for domestic and international markets. What we grow and produce sustains us and others.

We aim to grow what we need and be as self-sufficient as possible. In addition to our core farming business, the land at Gilgooma provides us with our own bountiful kitchen gardens, which act as an extension of what we produce in the paddocks.

The Gilgooma Goods are a few of the essential ingredients that we grow and use regularly as part of our wholesome local meals. Gilgooma Goods are available to purchase online, at the Coonamble Information & Exhibition Centre or on-site for guests camping at Gilgooma.

Provenance is important to us. All ingredients in Gilgooma Goods are grown locally, sourced fresh and dried on site, and by being supplied directly to you, the supply chain impact is avoided entirely.


Saltbush & Rosemary dried marinade base

Old Man Saltbush is commonly used as a livestock grazing plant. However, both the seeds and leaves are viable bush tucker, with the leaves salty in flavour and rich in protein, antioxidants and minerals. But possibly most importantly, Old Man Saltbush is hardy and drought tolerant, and makes a great garden hedge! It’s a staple in our kitchen, especially paired with locally grown lamb. Rosemary provides another hardy hedge in our garden, and a traditional lamb paring. We recommend completing this marinade with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and any other seasonings of your choice.

Mediterranean dried marinade base

Depending on the season, our kitchen garden grows parsley, mint, coriander, dill, oregano, basil, chives and thyme. A fresh and unique blend of local herbs and flavours provides a taste sensation to meats, salads and platters.

Stock and soup essentials

The plentiful produce of the Gilgooma vegetable garden provides a wholesome and hearty starter for a soup or stock. Depending on the season, our kitchen garden grows rocket, silverbeet, spinach, celery, chives, onion, carrots, bok choy, kale, zucchini and dozens of other varieties and leaves suited to drying for future rehydration. Simply soak and strain, or keep the Gilgooma goods as part of your warming winter meals. Add Gilgooma chickpeas for an additional element.

Raw chickpeas

Chickpeas are a delicious and nutritious legume; they’re packed with fibre, protein and carbohydrates, and they make a fantastic dinner option – but sometimes they can be a bit tricky to grow in the paddock. These chickpeas are stored on farm after harvest, and will travel straight from our paddock to your plate. For best results, be sure to wash and soak before cooking.

On site extras

For guests camping at Gilgooma, there is an option to add some additional local offerings to your stay. When ordered in advance, we will deliver farm fresh goods to your campsite for a truly local cook up. Your camp oven dinner will be prepared with Gilgooma lamb (or chickpeas for a vegetarian option), herbs and vegetables.