A local adventure

The Gilgooma Experience

This is not your average farm tour.

Only personalised, bespoke experiences are offered, for either individuals or groups. Each tour is hosted by one of the partners, although usually all partners are involved. Each tour is pre-arranged in advance with discussions about the interests and requirements of the participants. Participants experience the immersive farm experience over a half-day.

Components will include an ‘induction’ and educational session before quests take part in the physical farm work, depending on the operational needs on the farm at that time. Guests may be in the sheep yards, straining a fence that needs to be fixed, or picking up sticks in a paddock to be ploughed. The intention is to provide participants with a real life feeling of what it’s like to be a farmer -  sore, busy, dirty, sweaty, satisfied, rewarded, proud, grounded. Guests will be a part of that day’s actual farm work, contributing to the operation of the 11,500 acre farm, and will be given a first-hand insight into the lifestyle, the land and country Australia.

$250 pp for a half day tour, including a locally produced meal.

Book online as part of your stay at The Camp


Day trip itineraries

Gilgooma makes the ideal stopover for your travels, and provides a convenient home base for local day trips. Itineraries revealing hidden gems and providing invaluable local insight have been designed by your hosts and are available to guests camping at Gilgooma.